Past Ramadans

Bismillaah. After I posted the last message I went back and looked over my blog posts from previous Ramadans. I’m still reading through them, but some of them made me smile and so I thought I’d post them here in case anyone wants to read them 🙂 Ramadan 2009 Ramadan 2010 (I didn’t blog last … Continue reading

This is so late, but……..

Bismillaah. That blessed time of the year is here again, alhamdu lillaah!  I am so grateful to Allaah that He allowed me to experience another Ramadan, and am determined to give it my all this year and not just go through the motions as I felt I did last year.  May Allaah help us all … Continue reading

Back to Basics

Bismillaah.    Inshaa Allaah everyone’s gearing up for Ramadan!  May it be a month whereby we all gain Allaah’s mercy, forgiveness, and redemption from hell fire, ameen.     Was doing some reading online to “gear up” myself, and came across this excellent explanation of the 5 Pillars of Islam, and thought I’d share it. … Continue reading


Bismillaah.  Some things in life you never forget.  Like your first day of kindergarten, or the smell of your grandparents home, or the first time you got stung by a bee.   And then there are some people you never forget either.  One of them is my dear friend, Lateefah Muhammad.  We were in 5th … Continue reading

Twenty Eleven

Bismillaah. Wow, last year!  What can I say? January – The Revolution, Screen Free Week, Master Cleanse (first attempt) Egyptian people filled the streets in peaceful protest and successfully ousted a dictator…yay!  I talked about our results of Screen Free Week in this post, which was a success with us, alhamdu lillaah, and I also … Continue reading

This religion is easy….and fair

Bismillaah. With the closing of Ramadan and the end of Eid festivities, many muslimahs, including myself, find themselves facing a confusing dilemma:  We want to fast the Six Days of Shawwal and reap its benefits (“Whoever fasts Ramadan then follows it with six days of Shawwal, it will be as if he fasted a lifetime.” … Continue reading

Guess who’s back?………..

Bismillaah. I’m serious this time 🙂 I’m giving up facebook…for a while at least.  I’ve got a long list of spiritual/educational/self-development to-do’s that’s been sitting around for too long.  Been feeling too stagnant in too many areas and it doesn’t feel good.  I need to eliminate distractions and get moving on the things that I … Continue reading

Yay, I’m back!! *sort of*

Bismillaah. I’ve decided to close the wordpress blog and just move things on over to facebook.  If you’re my FB friend, then you’ve probably noticed all my blog posts have been imported over there.  So yah, that’s where I’ll be writing from now on inshaa Allaah.  Not saying I’m getting back to writing any time … Continue reading

And we’re back!!!

  Bismillaah. Alhamdu lillaah we made it through Screen Free Week!  It was certainly not as difficult as I had expected, alhamdu lillaah.  I’m so proud of my munchkins as they really outdid themselves  and exceeded my expectations mashaa Allaah. The first day they forgot and kept asking to get on the computer.  After reminding … Continue reading