Desperately Seeking Sakinah (tranquility)…

Can you help me find her?


Some days are just NOT like others. Kids crying, food burning, house messy, laundry piled up, phone ringing, HEADACHE, etc…..

Our homes and families are supposed to be the source of tranquility and peace in our lives…where we turn to for a soft landing after rough days…the arabic word for “home” stems from the same root from which sakinah is derived (سكن)…the homes are not supposed to be filled with chaos and confusion! But alas, summer break is here…and we know how antsy and bored little people get. Which often leads to misbehaving, bickering, chaos, confusion, mom yelling, etc.

How to bring the sakinah back?

From an islamic standpoint, the woman of the house plays an important role in bringing and maintaining sakinah in the her home. When it comes to children, certain things like having a schedule and routine with planned activities, etc., separating the kids to avoid bickering, behavior charts to encourage good behavior, etc. help to keep kids from getting bored and agitated, making for less chaos in the home.

But I believe that along with all that, sakinah is something spiritual that comes from Allaah, and from the remembrance of Allaah. As well as doing all the organizational tasks, here’s something else very simple I’ve been doing to bring the sakinah into my home.

First thing in the morning, before everyone else wakes up,

I get the Qur’an playing on the computer

and light bukhoor (incense – sandalwood is one of my favorites).

It sounds very simple, but it works wonders mashaa Allaah. Waking up to the beautiful sound of Allaah’s verses recited by shaikh Abdul Baasit, coupled with the lovely aroma of sandalwood…everyone is calmer, the atmosphere is more peaceful, and their is barakah (blessing) in our day. Even my husband commented on how the house felt so comfy and cozy. Mashaa Allaah. I find that I move about from chore to chore with more pep in my step. Instead of humming old song tunes, I’m trying to go along with the recitation. The kids are quieter. The house is peaceful. Alhamdu lillaah.

Qur’an Explorer is an excellent site for listening to qur’an recitation. Not only do they have a number of reciters to choose from, but they also have translations in different languages that you have the option of playing after each verse of the arabic. It’s really a great tool mashaa Allaah, may Allaah reward those who are behind it, ameen.

I’m interested in learning what you do to attain/keep the sakinah in your home? I’d love to hear more suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Sakinah (tranquility)…

  1. MashaAllah, I love this. I love the way you are pulling the word origin into it and your efforts MashaAllah. I really need to try this.


  2. Is this my dear, sweet, lovely, amazing, beautiful, old friend and pal Natalie Komitsky? Lol! Thanks for the comment sister. Glad you stopped by.

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