A Nice Family Getaway


There are about 4 families that we have been close with ever since we all lived in America. We all lived in the same community and neighborhood in Northern Virginia, our kids are all around the same age, we’re all on the same page as far as the deen is concerned, and we all really enjoy spending time together mashaa Allaah (gender-separate of course). All but one family have made hijrah to Egypt since we moved here alhamdu lillaah. It’s not as easy here for us to get together as it was in America. Life here is just so much busier than in the States, plus as our kids grow so do our family obligations. It’s rare that I get a chance to talk to any of the wives on the phone, but nonetheless we are all still very good friends mashaa Allaah. We try to plan family get togethers every once in a while, and every summer for the last 3 years, one family invites everyone out to the Egyptian countryside to spend the day at their family farmhouse. It’s actually a little village that is populated by the wife’s mother’s extended family. Mashaa Allaah, it’s a nice change and a great get away from the hustle bustle, noise, pollution and crowededness that is Cairo. We leave Cairo a little after sunrise and usually get there around 9am, and leave right before maghrib (sunset). The kids spend the day either splashing around in the kiddie pool in the yard, taking turns riding horses or donkeys, riding bikes/roller skates/scooters, playing hide and seek or milking cows. The men sit and sip tea, shoot the breeze, and most likely discuss business ideas and work opportunities (men!) The women, well we sit and discuss the kids of course! All in all, it’s a really nice time. Anyway, here are some pictures:

Countryside from the road

The Nile from the Road

On the road
An apartment building in the village
The farmhouse

The front yard

The kiddie pool

The view from the upstairs balcony

A typical country dinner


7 thoughts on “A Nice Family Getaway

  1. Roll Call (typical country dinner):

    Okra with Tomato Sauce
    Beef Kofta
    Grilled Steak Fillets
    Roz Mo'ammar (baked rice with milk, butter and salt)
    Mahshi Waraq al-Eineb (stuffed grape leaves)
    Hamam Mahshi (stuffed pigeons)
    Roasted Duck
    More Roz Mo'ammar
    Chicken Soup

    I have reached the conclusion that indulging in all these "off my diet" foods – until I was nearly sick – must be the culprit for this week's string of incessant migraine headaches…ugh. Each year I tell myself, "Never again! Never again!"

  2. Fatima, I was surprised too! But yes they do eat that. But as you can see, Roz Moammar is, by unanimous vote, still the people's favorite, lol!

    Hey, you're Egyptian, how come u don't know? lol!

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum Asiya,

    I just checked out your blog today. Seeing this one makes me miss Egypt and it's food. Seeing as my new hubby is Moroccan I hope to visit his country and learn to develop a fondness for it as well inshallah. Either way I pray Allah subhana wa ta'ala will grant my family the ability to make hijrah soon as well wherever it may be.

    • Wa alaykum salaam Naimah! Thanks for stopping by sis! Ameen to your du’aa, may Allaah make things easy for you.

  4. I dont know how but all of a sudden that food picture was as huge as my screen …and boy did I get hungry! Hope you and your family enjoyed your little getaway.

    • Hahahahaha! Girl, you should have smelled all that food! It was delicious mashaa Allaah! Our hostess and her cooks really do it up every time! We had a wonderful time alhamdu lillaah. Thanks for commenting.

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