10 Words of Advice from Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim

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I was tagged to do the “Honest Scrap” list, but to be honest, after Facebook’s infamous “25 things”, I couldn’t bring myself to make another list of boring blah blah blah about myself.  So, I decided instead to do something more beneficial.

These words of wisdom and advice are taken from the book Al-Fawa’id – a treatise, written by Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim, “consisting of the landmarks of guidance, light and the firebrands of piety…focusing on the role and duty of the heart…” (from Translator’s Note)  I pray we are all able to benefit from his words.

10 Words of Advice from Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim:

1) Allaah promised you the pleasures of the Hereafter, so do not be in a hurry and seek them in this worldly life as if you are cutting plants before their harvest time, while they are much better if you wait.  Likewise, the pleasures of the Hereafter are so much better.

2) Buy for yourself (through doing good deeds) while there is still a market and you have the ability to buy.

3) Everyone will pass through times of sleep and neglect (following his desires), but do not sink into sleep as the morning of the Hereafter is close at hand.

4) Get yourself out of this limited world of diseases to the wide world of the Hereafter, which has what the eyes have never seen.  Nothing is impossible there, and love is not lost.  O you who sold yourself for the sake of something that will cause you suffering and pain, and which will also lose its beauty, you sold the most precious item for the cheapest price, as if you neither knew the value of the goods nor the meanness of the price.  Wait until you come to a Day of Mutual Loss and Gain, and you will discover the injustice of this contract.  “There is nothing worthy of worship except Allaah” is something that Allaah is buying.  Its price is Paradise, and the Messenger – peace be upon him – is its agent, and you will be pleased to part with a small part of this worldly life to obtain it.  The part you lose is a small part of something that as a whole is not worth a mosquito’s wing.

5) The human being was honored with blessings of faith and good health, but he misused them, so they were justly taken away from him.

6) Do not feel weary of standing by His (Allaah’s) door, even if you are driven away, and never stop asking His forgiveness even if you feel it is rejected.  When the door is opened for the accepted ones, do not miss the chance and rush therein, intruding, and stretch forth your hands saying

“Be charitable with us.” (Qur’an, 12:88)

7) Be the son of the Hereafter, and do not be the son of this worldly life, for verily, the son follows his mother.

8] To Allaah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, yet He asks a loan from  you (to give in charity) but you are stingy.  He created the seven seas, but He loved a tear from you (out of fear of Him) but your eyes were tearless.

9) Whoever wants to purify his heart, must prefer Allaah over and above his own desires.

10) Your heart will be ruined from feeling secure and being careless adn will grow by remembering Allaah and being pious.

11) Longing for Allaah and the meeting with Him is like a breeze that blows through the heart and removes the blaze of this worldly life.

12) The heart gets sick as the body does and its cure is in asking for forgiveness and protection.  It also becomes rusty like a mirror does and it is polished by remembering Allaah.  The heart can also be naked like the body and can lose its dress and decoration, which is piety, and it can feel hungry and thirsty like the body does, and its nourishment is knowledge, love, trust, and offering service to Allaah.

13) Following ones desires and having extended hope is the core of evil.  Following ones desires blinds one from seeing what is right, and having extended hope makes one forget the Hereafter and prevents one from preparing for it.

As you can see I added an extra 3 points 🙂  I would have put the whole book up here if I could…all 350-something pages!  But I think for now this is enough.


6 thoughts on “10 Words of Advice from Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim

  1. As salaamu alaykum sisters!

    Wa iyyakum, and thanks for your comments!

    Sister “Alhamdolillah”, I have the e-book and I’m trying to figure out a way to upload it to the blog for others to benefit inshaa Allaah.

  2. Assalamu alaikom,
    Masha”Allah great post!
    I really liked numbers 3 & 11. We should keep all these things in mind everyday in our life.. and not only keep them in mind, but apply them.

    • Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaah-

      Thanks for stopping by sister, and glad you found the post beneficial 🙂 You are right, and may Allaah enable us to sincerely implement what we learn, ameen.

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