Ramadan Journal Day 8: Ramadan Memory Cards



Today we made Ramadan Memory Cards, courtesy Umm Abdul-Basir’s blog.   It was really easy mashaa Allaah and the kids (and I) had lots of fun coloring all the little pictures.


The card sheets were supposed to be printed out onto card stock, but since I have no idea what that is, and most certainly don’t have any lying around here anywhere, we just printed them out onto regular printer paper, glued them to large pieces of colored construction paper, colored in the pictures, then cut them out into cards.


Oh, and by the way, here’s the chart I had Rahmah make for the qur’an reading contest:


She made a chart with 4 rows for each person in the contest.  Then she divided each row into 30 parts.  Each time a person finishes a juz’ (part) from the qur’an (there are 30 parts), he/she marks off a box.  I’ve purposely left the names out of the picture so as not to embarrass obvious slackers, lol!

Don’t forget to keep us in your du’aas.

Shakshouka (brown lentils in a savory tomato sauce) with eggs, white rice.

“And the Word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can change His Words. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.

And if you obey most of those on earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.

Verily, your Lord! It is He Who knows best who strays from His Way, and He knows best the rightly guided ones.”  (Al-An’am : 115-117 )


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