Ramadan Journal Day 16: An Update


I’ve been focusing on playing catch up with my qur’an reading, so I had no choice but to put the Ramadan Journal on the backburner for a few days.  I’m still not caught up, but I felt the need to post an update before any more time went by.

This week we did a simple fanoose craft.  I got the idea from my dear friend Hawwa Umm Mariam, who happened to be featured on Grow Mama’s Ramadan Spirit Contest mashaa Allaah.  You can see her and her kids’ pretty fanooses here.

They were very easy and super fun to make mashaa Allaah.  Ours came out pretty similar.

Fawanise Ramadan

Fawanise Ramadan

On Thursday we attempted to take the kids for an outing to our favorite park/playground, Gardenia.  It’s a nice little quiet spot owned and operated by the military (which is known for its clean, well-kept parks and clubs).   We’ve been frequenting the place for, oh, about a year or so I guess.  We like it for the clean, quiet atmosphere, as well as the safe playground equipment, all of which can be hard to come by in Cairo.






It also has these nice sitting areas where you can kick back and relax and order tea and refreshments, all for a really low cost mashaa Allaah.




Alhamdu lillaah, it became our little *spot* mashaa Allaah.  (Can’t you tell why?)

Unfortunately, they’ve decided they will no longer allow women who dress a certain way to enter.


“Niqab is not allowed,” they told us.  “An order, by fax, from the general, that came 3 days ago.”

I hate to be discriminated against.  I really *HATE* to be discriminated against.  Especially by muslims.  Make du’aa for this ummah…self-hate is a sad, pitiful thing.

No big deal, it’s their loss, ya know?

So we headed over to another park that wasn’t open and wouldn’t be opening until after iftar.  We called around to get info on some of the indoor playrooms, but learned that they too wouldn’t be open until after iftar.  😦

In the end we ended up just going home.  It was one of those “this society is so annoying” days.

Today is Sunday and I’m at my sister’s house (YAY! 🙂 ).  We’re doing iftar and a sleepover inshaa Allaah.  Tuesday, my “Coolio Canadian Cronie” is coming over for iftar inshaa Allaah, and Wednesday is the employees and families iftar at my husband’s job.

I’m still way behind on my qur’an, so I don’t know when the next time I’ll be able to post again.  Maybe towards the end of the week inshaa Allaah.


9 thoughts on “Ramadan Journal Day 16: An Update

  1. SubhanaAllah, so sorry about that. my husband used to get a similar response when he dressed in a dishdasha/galabiya to one of the nadys (i think it was nady al mu’alimeen). we’d be invited by our teacher there and he’d face serious scrutiny/questioning for dressing that way. Allah Kareem.

    • Thanks for your comment Fatima, I appreciate it, but really, the main issue for me is the self-hate that so many muslims feel for themselves. Their attitude that any display of religious commitment is unacceptable, is something so disgusting to me. I mean, what in the world is wrong with a galabeya? All the bowabeen wear it around the streets all day long, but let a brother with a beard have one on, and he suddenly arouses suspicion. If I walked up in there with my hair flowing, wearing booty-huggers, high heels and a clown face, it would have been all “tafadally ya fendum”!!!! It’s sickening!

    • Yes you iz mah cronie gurl 🙂

      cro⋅ny [kroh-nee]
      –noun, plural -nies.
      a close friend or companion; chum.

      pal, buddy.

    • Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaah,

      Wow, mashaa Allaah! A visit from the famous talibiddeenjr site…YAY :)! I’m so glad you stopped by sister, and thanks for the compliment.

      As you can see I’ve used so many of the wonderful resources from your site mashaa Allaah. I hope I’ve linked to everything properly!

      Thanks again from stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and may Allaah reward you for your terrific website, ameen.

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