Ramadan Reminder 2


These are the days of mercy, and whoever does not show mercy is not shown mercy.

Advice: The first ten days of Ramadan are the days of mercy, so show mercy to those on earth, and you will be shown mercy from the One in the heavens.  And remember the words of your Lord: “And my mercy extends over all things.”

From among the ways a believer can show mercy to others is to maintain the ties of kinship.  Indeed it is one of the most noble things a believer can spend his time doing.  The prophet – peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him – used to say that whoever severs the ties of kinship will not enter Paradise. And that whoever wants his provision increased and his lifetime extended, then he should enjoin the ties of kinship by keeping good relations with kith and kin.

If you haven’t already, take out a piece of paper and write down the names of all your relatives, and then list beside each name how you will contact each person, either through a visit or invitation, a phone call, a letter, a text message, facebook, etc.  Then prioritize the list as to who you think you should contact first…and then get moving!

Not everyone has to be contacted in the same day, and conversations don’t have to be hours long.  Simply letting your kith and kin know that you’ve been thinking about them and wanted to know what’s new in their lives goes a long way to let your family members know that you love them and care about them.

In conclusion, don’t let Ramadan be the only time to get in touch with your kith and kin.  But let it be a time for you to incorporate it into your life’s routine, making it a constant daily or weekly habit to keep in touch with everyone.


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