Ramadan Reminder 4


“There is no good in a man who fills his belly while his neighbor is hungry. ”

Avoid over-eating, over-indulging, and wastefulness this month.  A muslim should never engage in these things, but especially in Ramadan, the month when our hunger should remind us of those less fortunate than us, who may not even have a date with which to break their fast.  Unfortunately, Ramadan, which is supposed to be the “month of ebadah” (worship), has become for many the “month of ezoomah” (elaborate dinner parties).  May Allaah forgive us for that, ameen.

Advice: Keep iftar enjoyable, yet simple.  Satisfying, not britches-busting!  Put some food in a dish and take it to your neighbor…or bowab…or donate some money or dry foods to “Ma’idat al-Rahman” (soup kitchens set up in Ramadan for the poor).  The prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – said: “When any of you makes a soup, add some water to it and invite your neighbors.”


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