Ramadan Reminder 8


It is befitting for the intelligent person to guard his tongue from all forms of speech, except that speech which will clearly bring about benefit.  And until it becomes clear that the speech has some benefit in it, then the sunnah is to withhold speaking.  And that is because permissible speech – with no aim – can turn into disliked or even forbidden speech.

The prophet – peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him – said:  “Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, let him speak that which is good or else keep silent.”

Imam Shafi’ee – Allaah’s mercy be upon him – said:  “If one of you wishes to speak, then he must think about what he wants to say; if there is any benefit therein, then he should speak; if he has any doubt about that, then he should remain silent until he is sure.”

Supplication: “Oh Allaah, protect my tongue from profanity, from false testimony, from backbiting and gossiping, and from all forms of evil speech, ameen.”


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Reminder 8

  1. As salamu alaikum ya ukht Asiya! Jazaki Alllah khair for these wonderful reminders. May Allah az wa jaal reward you for looking out for us…ameen. Keep them coming habibti, I need them everyday inshaAllah.

    • Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaah! LaNesha, thanks for your comment and I’m so glad you’re benefiting from the posts. Ameen to your duaa, and may Allaah increase you and us all in closeness to Him in this blessed month, ameen.

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