Ramadan Reminder 10 – Yawm al Qiyamah (Resurrection Day)


And they say:

“When we are bones and fragments, should we really be resurrected (to be) a new creation?”


“Be you stones or iron!  Or some created thing that is yet greater or harder in your breasts to be resurrected!”

Then, they will say:

“Who shall bring us back to life?”


“He Who created you first!”

Then, they will shake their heads at you and say:

“When will that be?”


“Perhaps it is near!”

On the Day when He will call you, and you will answer His Call with words of His Praise and Obedience, and you will think that you have stayed in this world but a little while!

(Qur’an, Al-Isra’: 49-52)

But when there comes the Greatest Catastrophe (i.e. the Day of Recompense), the Day when man shall remember what he strove for, and Hell-fire shall be made apparent in full view for (every) one who sees.

Then, for him who transgressed all bounds, in disbelief, oppression and evil deeds of disobedience to Allah, and preferred the life of this world, verily, his abode will be Hell-fire;

But as for him who feared standing before his Lord, and restrained himself from impure evil desires, and lusts, verily, Paradise will be his abode.

(Qur’an, Al-Nazi’at: 34-41)

Then, when there comes the Day of Resurrection’s second blowing of Trumpet. That Day shall a man flee from his brother, and from his mother and his father, and from his wife and his children.

Everyman, that Day, will have enough to make him careless of others.

(Qur’an, Abasa: 33-37)


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