Ramadan Reminder 18


Although some women may be blessed to get through a whole Ramadan without menstruating, the fact is that many of us will have to stop fasting and praying during this blessed month.  Many meet their periods with sadness at being prevented from performing certain forms of worship, particularly if this time period happens to fall within the last ten nights!  Don’t fret ladies, this is what Allaah decreed, and there is khair in everything He decrees!  If we think about it, there’s so much more we can do!

Here’s a clip from an article I read today:

“…So, if one is menstruating, then one should not think that she has a break from Ramadan! Rather she should increase in other aspects of her ibaadah like doing dua, reciting the adhkar, giving in charity, seeking forgiveness, doing dawah, keeping away from sins, keeping family ties, seeking knowledge, feeding the poor, displaying good manners, etc.

As a matter of fact, a menstruating woman should increase in these acts at this time. Why?

Well, now she no longer has to pray (so she has more time) and she is not fasting (so she has more energy)!

Also, if one is menstruating during the last ten nights, then she should not go to sleep just because she can’t pray. This is a grave error that many sisters make and it is only due to ignorance.

Why do we engage in so much prayer during the last ten nights? Because we want to catch the greatest night: Laylatul Qadr. So if we cannot pray, it does not not mean that we cannot do anything else.

In fact, even those who can pray, should not just stick to praying. They should increase in all types of good deeds on these nights (remember the nights are from Maghrib to Fajr).

So, what can you do on these nights if you’re not praying? Increase in dua and istighfar, read the Quran (if you believe that it is permissible to do so), etc.

There’s so much to do so let’s not twiddle our thumbs.”

Read full article here.


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Reminder 18

  1. Masha~allah, great reminder. Ibada doesn’t stop when one is not fasting. I think this goes for not only menstruating women but those who are pregnant and or nursing and not fasting.

    • It is a great reminder and I feel so blessed to have read it! I pray others will benefit from it as well because the worship and blessings of ramadan do not have to stop for us during these times! That would make Allaah unjust…haasha lillaah!

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