Guess who’s back?………..


I’m serious this time 🙂 I’m giving up facebook…for a while at least.  I’ve got a long list of spiritual/educational/self-development to-do’s that’s been sitting around for too long.  Been feeling too stagnant in too many areas and it doesn’t feel good.  I need to eliminate distractions and get moving on the things that I know will make my life happier and more fulfilled.  I feel like I haven’t been using the resources and blessings I have at my disposal and it would be a crying shame if all those things were taken away from me due to my taking then for granted.  And I wouldn’t have anyone to blame but myself.

So yeah, I’m back!  But not only to blogging, but inshaa Allaah to learning, to growing, to improving, to getting closer to that dream and goal…I’m happy!  I’m excited!…are you?


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