This is so late, but……..



That blessed time of the year is here again, alhamdu lillaah!  I am so grateful to Allaah that He allowed me to experience another Ramadan, and am determined to give it my all this year and not just go through the motions as I felt I did last year.  May Allaah help us all to increase our worship and gain closeness to Him, ameen.

Alhamdu lillaah this year I was blessed to be able to attend a series of lectures about how to prepare spiritually and mentally for Ramadan.  It started in Shaban and lectures were twice a week and lasted all the way up until just a couple days before Ramadan.  Mashaa Allaah, every moment of it was beneficial, but one lecture in particular really hit home with me.  Its title was “Give it a Break!”…in other words, Ramadan is a time to give certain habits, rituals and time wasting activities in general, a BREAK!  The teacher shared a suggested list with us and explained each point in detail.  I thought it would be a good idea to make a list for our household, so here’s what the kids and I came up with (in addition to the points given in the lesson):

1. TV watching and computer games/net surfing (use these precious 30 days to do as much mercy/forgiveness/salvation-seeking and closeness-to-your-Lord-seeking as possible…in front of the TV is NOT the place to be!)

2. Too much food (eat well but don’t give your nafs all it wants)

3. Too much sleep (sleep well but don’t give your nafs all it wants; get your body used to getting up at night to pray qiyam)

4. Arguments, bickering and yelling (say “Oh Allaah, I am indeed fasting.”)

5. Too much unnecessary talking (remain silent as much as possible doing thikr, du’aa or reading qur’an)

6. Being outside shopping and doing errands, especially in the last 10 days (get it done early, before Ramadan if possible)

7. Thoughts about dunya (think about jannah)

8. From being stingy and withholding (give without measure)

So that’s what we’ve come up with. May Allaah help us to use our time to gain the most benefit in this month, ameen.

What other things do you suggest we give a break? What things are you giving a break this month? Please do share!


One thought on “This is so late, but……..

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