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Pride, the Silent Killer

Bismillaah. May Allaah cleanse our hearts and give us all refuge from pride and arrogance, ameen. Indeed It is the source of all evil.  It is the reason for shaytan being expelled from Paradise.  It is a cause for Allaah’s anger. It infests a person’s heart slowly, killing the light of all that is good … Continue reading

10 Words of Advice from Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim

***UPDATE July 30***:  I actually forgot to tag other people, so I’m tagging: Umm Adam, Asiyasmom, and Tru3woman. Go ahead ladies, tell us a few things about yourself…let us know where ya been at and how ya been 🙂 ! Bismillaah. I was tagged to do the “Honest Scrap” list, but to be honest, after … Continue reading